9 November 2017

Greetings Lively Montessori Families,

The second quarter is off to a roaring start.  More and more students are proudly informing me that they have finished their work plan for the day.  It has been a joy to watch them figure out that the more they choice to work during the early days of the week, the less they have to scramble near the end.  I’m happy to report that we will have most student working with math games this Friday, which is due to them completed their weekly requirements.  Next step, convincing students that they don’t have to stop at the minimum.

We started working with the Second Great Lesson this week.  This is the time when we talk about our home, Earth.  We learned about the major eons in Earth’s history with the Montessori Timeline of Earth on Tuesday.  Then we worked with Big History Project to discuss what it might have been like to live on Earth in it’s infancy (hint: not enjoyable at all).  Take a moment and asked your kiddo what methane smells like, what the earth is made of, and/or which eons we have been focused on so far.

We have decided as a class to spend our Social Studies time working on independent (or individual) US history projects.  We used US History text books to explore topics and then picked what we will work on, I’ll be filling in gaps as we go.  Then, we learned about Cornell notes and how they can help us keep track of our research.  Next, we will be creating a rubric to help us guide and evaluate our work.  Look for more to come as we are decided if families will be invited to a culminating event.

Finally, thank you all for setting up a time to meet for conferences.  As you probably remember we have a very short time together, so I want to ask you to come in with questions if you have them.  That way we are sure to talk about what is important to you first.  Then, I’ll be able to share other information.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

Thanks for reading. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.