Newsletter 16 November 2017

Greetings Radical Montessori Families,

It has been wonderful to meet with so many of you so far this week and I’m looking forward to the meeting with the last 8/24 or 1/3 (a lot of students are working on writing fractions in lowest terms these days) of you tonight.  With all the excitement of conferences, I wanted to be sure an write early this week, so you still know what’s been going on.

This week has three kiddos celebrating their birthdays.  We had a celebration on Monday, Tuesday, and one coming up Friday.  With one of the celebration I learned that a friendly reminder is necessary, please, if you choose to bring in a treat, makes sure you bring in a healthy treat.  I’m all for celebrating each student’s annual trip around the sun, but we are trying our best to also teach students about healthy eating and I imagine they will get plenty of treats for their birthday outside of the classroom.  If you’re not sure if the snack choice will work just ask and we’ll get things figured out, thanks.

In Science this week we worked on note taking.  We learned that there are many methods of note taking and practiced with Cornell Notes.  This is the method I learned while working at a middle school, so I felt it would be a good way to prepare students for the upcoming years.  We used a video of David Christian explaining the Universe in eighteen minutes (here’s a link).  This was a great review of the First and Second Great Lessons and a hint of where we are heading next in our Science work.

In Social Studies the students complete the rubric for our US History Research Projects.  Now they will have time to research and create their presentations.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  It sounds like the majority of students are interested in sharing with families, so we will create a time line and let you know when the big day will be (my guess is the week before winter break).

Finally, the students voted to take our monthly STAR progress monitoring this week rather than next, so we took math Wednesday and are taking reading Thursday.  They decided this was better since we have a short we that includes going to see Wonder on Tuesday morning.  They are just so darn thoughtful.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.