1 December 2017

Greetings Magnificent Montessori Families,

Happy December everyone!  It’s that busy time of year and I just wanted to start by reminding everyone to take a breath and relax.  We’ll be doing a lot of activities at the beginning of the day to help with calm and listening in class, but it’s good for home too.  Your kids might even be able to teach you a think or two.

This week we had our first Hooked on Fishing lesson.  Kathy came in from Choteau, MT and taught us the art of Gyotaku.  The students were amazing, listening and being very respectful.  Hopefully, the projects have made it home so you know the delightful outcome.  We also learned how many fish species are in Montana (87) and how many are native (57).  If you’re looking for a little conversion starter, see if your kiddo remembers and what else they learned.

We also learned a lot about the layers of Earth and plate tectonics this week.  I was planning to just give a one day overview of the subject, but the kids are really into it.  They asked for more, so we’ll continue the work next week.  One of the most fascinating parts for them was about how far people have dug into the crust of Earth.  We started at graves (6 ft.) and moved our way down to the nine inch diameter hole in Russia (about 40,000 ft.), here is a link to the video, enjoy. Then we discussed how geologist have shown that the Earth’s surface is made of plates and how they have moved over millions of years.  Several students said they’d like to name their children after ancient continents, so that’s fun.

We also had fun with coordinate planes this week.  The concept was introduced by having the kids use coordinates to decide my mustache for the last day of November (it was hilariously awful).  Then we went into greater detail today.  Student are using a graph to draw and plot a picture of their choice.  I’m impressed with some of the complicated designs: cats, gaming controllers, and words, just to name a few.

Finally, if you can, be sure to come to the HPMP meeting on Monday (12/4) at 5:30 in the Central Upper Montessori Classroom.  Also remember that our Winter Program is at HMS on 15 December at 1:00.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.