Newsletter 11 January 2018

Greetings Chipper Montessori Families,

I hope you are all enjoying the new year.  We are working hard to refocus on inside voices and work production during our Work Periods.  As you know, we have started a new incentive program to help with this issue.  What’s interesting is that about half our class is able to get a lot done even when it’s a bit too noisy.  This seems to have made it difficult for some to justify the quite voices.  We had a conversation yesterday about empathy for others and I used an example from their Lower Montessori years to help explain how we need to help everyone in the class succeed.  If you wouldn’t mind reinforces the idea of inside voices, focusing on independent work during work periods, tools to use to help stay focused (sitting away from friends, using privacy dividers, etc.), and how to help others stay focused it would be much appreciated.

We are back to Literature Circle this week and it went really well.  All the groups were still engaged in discussion of their books when time was up.  The groups had some very insightful ideas and shared time fairly.  Many students had decided whether they wanted to read the book again or not already, so I asked them to keep that in mind as the continue reading.  We’ll see if things change as the month goes on.

We are focusing on Martin Luther King Jr for social student this week.  We discussed non-violent direct action yesterday.  We learned about sit-ins, boycotts, and how hard it would be (and is) to be non-violent when others are hurting you.  We also discussed how the world was able to see the unfair treatment groups due to non-violent protests.  The students then got to write a short piece about what they would do if they were put into similar situations as Martin Luther King Jr and the other civil rights activists.  We will continue this discussion and look at primary sources regarding the Civil Rights Act through out the rest of the quarter.

In science we are working on presentation for the school about our Trout in the Classroom fish and aquarium.  The students will do mock presentations today and we will help polish final drafts.  Then, Friday and Tuesday, groups will present to each of the classroom.  That way we will all be connected to this great program.

Finally, thank you to everyone that has returned your conference RSVP slips. If you haven’t yet, please send them back with your kiddo.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.