Newsletter 25 January 2018

Greetings Tremendous Montessori Families,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.  It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride this week in the Upper Montessori classroom.  We’ve had stellar days with lots of work getting done, peaceful behaviors, and graciousness.  We’ve also had times were the noise and distractions have gotten in the way of others getting their work completed.

We learned about positive feedback loops and compared those rougher times to what is currently happening to the permafrost in Alaska.  We talked about how when one person keeps doing something that is distracting other people see it’s “okay”.  Then, they start and the cycle gets worse and worse.  In Alaska as the permafrost is melting it’s getting warmer and releasing more gasses, which is choosing things to get warmer and the cycle continues.  With our class, all it takes is correcting the student who needs a reminder, rather than joining for us to be good to go.  Alaska is a little tougher fix.  I was impressed that many students knew about Alaska and most understood the connections.  The next step is to put it into action.  I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement.

Some of the work that I spoke of early includes a batik project that we are finishing up over the next week.  The students have made their designs and are now putting wax on the canvases.  We will hopefully have the wax completed by Monday and dye the canvases on Tuesday.  Then they are off to Ohio for the art show.  Like a piece of sand art, we’ll be letting them go (they won’t be returned). We’ll be sure to take pictures before they go.

We also learned our next Social Studies subjects, the fifty states.  Each student got to pick two states (or territories) to study on Wednesday.  Friday we will discuss the research we will be doing.  There will be some minimum requirements, but the students are going to decide, as a democracy, the focus that we will take.  I’m looking forward to the process and excited for another project based learning opportunity.

Finally, we got to go on our Hooked on Fishing ice fishing trip today.  We caught more salmon then any other class so far.  There were some impressive perch caught as well.  Apparently, the trick is to recite positive quotes and thought to the fish.  Many students learned the value of a day of fishing, even if you don’t catch anything.  There will be pictures up on our Facebook page by the end of the day, so check them out.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.