Newsletter 2 February 2018

Greetings Astute Montessori Families,

Thank you all for coming in to meet over this week.  I love to have the chance to sit down and talk about your fabulous kids.  Thank you as well for your patience, as I some times talk too much.  Getting the chance to talk with you not only lets me tell you all the great things your kids are up to, but also collect my thoughts on other ways that can help them even more.  I have a lot of great new ideas now due to verbalizing, thank you.

We have had a much better week in the realm of quiet, productive work periods and most of the students are noticing the improvements.  I’d say we are about 80% and we will keep working towards 100%.  One way that everyone can help themselves is to use our focusing tools: privacy dividers, “do not disturb” cards, and noise canceling headphones. Also, choosing to sit away from best buds will be helpful.  If you’re looking for a conversation starter, ask your kiddo how they help themselves stay focused.

We finished our January art project on Wednesday.  The students learned how to create batiks.  This was a complicated project and I was proud of the artist for sticking with it.  The final products can be viewed on our Facebook page.  They are off to Ohio to be part of the Dream Rocket Project art exhibit.  More to come once they make it to the east side of the country.

Yesterday we got to go out to Rimini and participate in Snow School.  The kids learned about making fire in winter, how to work with limited resources, Andy Goldworthy, and, of course, snowshoeing.  Look for a Facebook post for pictures in the near future.  This was the first time we headed out to OUR national forests for this event, and we learned a lot.  One thing we learned is we need more time next year.  The students wanted to stay and I’ll keep that in mind in three hundred days or so.  It’s always nice to have these kind of problems.

Finally, we got our new Literature Circle books this week.  This is our fifth set of the year, so every student in this class has completed four at or above grade level books already this year.  I don’t know about you, but I could not say that when I was in my intermediate grades.  Kudos to all the students and for your help.  I hope the conversations have been enjoyable.  This month we are focused on the main protagonist being a female.  The students picked between RulesThe Endless SteppeThe Great Gilly Hopkins, and Sahara Special.  Everyone of them has amazing themes and terrific characters; I hope you all enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.