Newsletter 8 February 2018

Greetings Lovely Montessori Families,

Never thought I’d get a snow day in Montana.  Just goes to show you never know what can happen.  I hope you all enjoy the ‘day off’.  Please be careful out there.

We have been working on completing work plans and our inside voices this week.  Both have been going better, but we will continue to work on our intrinsic motivation.  I’ve ask the students to give me the good problem of having lot of work to look over once they have gone home for the day.  We’ll see if we can continue to improve next week.

In Social Students, the students are working on their state research.  We will get to collaborate with Mrs. Loveridge in the library next week on this project.  I’m learning a lot and I’d suggest talking to your kiddo about what they have learned so far.  We will be planning how to present our research next week (it was going to be Friday, but…).  We’ll let you know if it’s an event for families.

In Science, we learned several ways to prove that air is truly around us.  Then we discussed what elements are in an air molecule and what percent each element excites in the air.  We also watched a video about the SpaceX lunch this week.  Several kids are planning vacation to Mars.

Finally, we will be celebrating Valentine’s day with our annual luncheon.  We don’t make boxes, but students are welcome to bring in a box or other creation to collect their valentines.  They are also welcome to bring Valentines, the only rule is that if you are bring them in it has to be for every student in the class.  If you’d like to come help with our luncheon please let me know, it’s nice to have a spare set of hands.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.