Newsletter 6 December 2018

Greetings Joyful Montessori Families,

Five degree mornings always remind me that I’m not as tough as you Montanans.  I hope you are nice and toasty and have all the gear you need to stay warm.  If, for some reason, your kiddo doesn’t, please let me know.  We have a stash of winter weather gear and I will do whatever I can make sure everyone in our class is safe and warm.

In our warm classroom we have had lots of guests this week.  Claudia from SMART Schools visited us from Butte.  She taught us about the three ‘Rs’, reduce, reuse, recycle.  We learned fun ways to reuse materials, such as making cute turtles out of old egg cartons.  She also taught us about how much energy is saved when one recycles.  By recycling one aluminum can one can save enough energy to power their television for three hours.  Then, Ryan from MontanaWILD came and taught us about wildlife biology, population estimations, and fish surveys.  We learned how to use Math and Science to discover if a river or stream has a healthy fish population.  There were a lot of big numbers being calculated and I was happy to see everyone was willing to do their best to find the correct totals.  By the end, our class was 94% accurate, I’d say that’s reason to be proud.  Finally, Kathy came from Choteau to teach us about gyotaku.  Gyotaku is the Japanese art of fish prints.  We learned that originally it allowed Japanese fisherman a way to prove that they really did catch a fish “that big”.  Then everyone got to create their own prints.  All of these events included two of my favorite things: education and fun.  If you’d like to see pictures, check out our Facebook page.

Of course there was still time for kids to work on their other academics.  Everyone is working diligently to finish their work plan.  We have been using the Montana Historical Societies Montana: Stories of the Land to learn about what Montana was like before it was Montana.  Today, in Science we will learn why a hawk would move to NYC.  This is a continuation of our work about food webs and ecosystems.  We have also been working to strengthen our paragraph writing by adding more elaborations.

Finally, just a friendly reminder that our Winter Concern is at 1:00 PM, next Friday @ HMS (possibly for the last time).  Mrs. Nyhof sent home an information sheet last week and would like to have the bottom piece back ASAP.  If you haven’t already sent it back please take a moment and do so, thanks.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.