Newsletter 10 January 2019

Greetings Spectacular Montessori Families,

I hope the first nine days of 2019 have brought you much joy, and that happiness only continues on this the tenth day.  It seems like the year is already getting away from us here in the Upper Montessori classroom.  Everyone is busy wrapping up works for the semester.

This year has been filled with more wondering in math than others, which isn’t a bad thing.  Students, particularly the rookies, have been finding interesting works on the math shelves and asking for lessons.  This means students might be working on multiplication for a few days and then move to dividing decimals, only to return to multiplication later.  This is one of the joys of a Montessori classroom and it has definitely keeping me on my toes this year.  I love how inquisitive the students are, they are become mathematicians all on their own.

This rings true in reading and writing as well.  Although there are many lessons that the students ‘have to know,’ many are taking risks and challenging themselves with more complicated texts and sophisticated writing.  It doesn’t always go as they planned, but they are learning every step of the way.

We had an interesting science lesson this week.  We are learning about fungi and the students seemed to have forgotten we are not in a college science lab (which is too bad).  When asked to created a mold terrarium they wanted to do things like put it in a vacuum or add chemicals we just didn’t have (for better or worse).  They were also so excited about their ideas that they were unable to lesson to the other groups.  After reminding the students that experiments have constraints (such as time, materials, funding)  we took a break and are going to try again today.  That is our big balancing act this year; being able to be as creative as possible, while remembering we are still in elementary school.  We’ll keep walking that tight-rope and see how the second half of the year goes.

Finally, I have learned that many families are not receiving Mr. Stilson’s newsletters (apparently, PowerSchool is reminding the district who’s boss).  Here is a link to his latest newsletter, which has some important updates and should be helpful to you all.

Thanks for reading.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions.