Newsletter 30 January 2019

Greetings Dedicated Montessori Families,

We had a very important conversation today about recess.  It has been noticed that most of our issues stem from recess and follow students into the classroom.  We spent time today discussing different situations that might happen at recess (ex: some friends want to play a game but one wants to play something else, somebody wants to join in a game you’re already playing, how to have some alone time without feeling like you’re hurting others feelings by not playing, etc.) and came up with strategies to solve the problems at recess.  We also talked about the importance of telling versus tattling.  Your kids had some very helpful thoughts and ideas.  Hopefully, this will help make recess more fun and help get us going quicker once we’re back in class.  If you’re looking for a conversation starter you might asked your kiddo(s) what their strategies are for having fun at recess.

We are almost finished with our Mystery Science pilot unit.  We’ve been focused on what would be needed in a biosphere on Mars.  This has guided us through lesson on food chains, consumers v. produces v. decomposers, and food webs.  Yesterday the students looked at how everything in a food web is connect and what happens when one thing is missing.  We will conclude this unit in the next week and then discuss our thoughts and decided if we want to stick with the computer based program or use other tools.

We are also wrapping up Chapter 2 of our Montana History book.  We reviewed what we learned from the chapter; archaeology, dog days, the North Trail, artifacts, medicine wheels, buffalo jumps, and pictographs (just to name a few).  The students are now working on a culminating project where they are creating a triarama of a freeze that represents something from the chapter.  We will be finishing this project on Friday and hanging the pieces in the hallway.  Feel free to stop by and check them out.

Finally,  I’ll be sending semester reports home tomorrow.  Please check your child(s) backpack if they don’t give you an envelop.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.