Newsletter 6 February 2019

Greetings Lovely Montessori Families,

I hope you are all safe and warm during this subzero week.  We’ve been making the most of our cozy classroom, but many (including myself) are getting a bit of cabin fever.  It will be nice to get out and play once the temperature moves above zero.  Looks like we’ll be in for most of the week, so if your kiddo has a game they’d like to bring for inside recess it’s okay with me.  We do have plenty in the classroom, but several students have asked and I wanted to let you know.

We are taking a break from weekly readers and reading the BFG as a class this month.  It’s been fun so far and is teaching me a lot about how each student reads.  Each week we’ll have at least one activity to connect to the story.  This week we are going to look at character, plot, and not judging others.

We celebrated Lunar New Year yesterday, which was a blast.  This is an opportunity for me to teach geometry through tangrams.  Each student now has their own set and leaned how to use them.  If you’re looking for a ‘what did you do at school’ moment this might be a chance.  We are also lucky enough to have a student from South Korea in our class.  With the help of their mom, they shared some experience they had and a wonderful treat.

We are finishing our Mystery Science unit tomorrow, which is exciting.  The student will have a chance to show what they learned by proving or disproving if a biosphere can be created to sustain life on Mars.  After we have wrapped up the unit, we will discuss if we want to continue with Mystery Science or try something different.

Finally,  I hope you can all make it to the Central Sweetie Pie Event tomorrow, 7 February, from 6:00-7:30.  There will be lots of fun activities, a silent auction, and pie! All proceed go to our Parent Teacher Organization, so it will benefit our school.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.