Newsletter 13 May 2019

Greetings Astonishing Montessori Families,

We are only a few days away from our Shakespeare production.  Please remember that our show is in the gym at 6:00 this Thursday, 16 May.  Please have your students back to school by 5:30 so they have time get into costume. Please have your kiddo wear a white top and black/dark pants.  Some have other things to put on, but this makes the process much faster, thanks.  The reality of the event is sinking in and students are really focusing on getting their roles down.  We’ll have a dress rehearsal on Thursday at 9:00.  This gives the kids a chance to practice in front of and audience and the school a chance to see all the hard work your kids have put into this production.

You’d think this might be enough, but we have lots going on that has nothing to do with Shakespeare.  We are taking our final 2018-2019 STAR assessments this week.  The students are getting yet another chance to do their best and show what they know.  These assessments will be used to help make decisions for next year, so I’m thankful that I can trust everyone to put an honest effort into the tests.

Then, on Wednesday we have our Water Watchers field trip.  This year we get to go to Prickly Pear Creek and learn about webs of life and macro-invertebrates.  We will get to test the water and learn ways we can help keep the water clean.  It’s always a fun trip and it’s important that everyone wears layers as the weather is often colder at the creek than in town.  Please have you kid(s) bring extra layers on Wednesday.

Finally, we will take our last spelling assessment of the year on Friday.  I’m looking forward to seeing how our new orthography lesson have gone.  Given that this is a new program and started in the middle of the year, it will also be fun to compare next year.  I’ve been learn along with the kids.

Thanks for reading.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.