First Quarter Music Update

It’s been a great first quarter of music class!

Students in Kindergarten have been discovering their different voices: speaking, singing, whispering, shouting, silly, and even their inner thinking voice. We have also been exploring movement, starting with moving vs. stopping, whole body vs. body parts, and traveling vs. stationary.

First and second graders have been engaging their head voice for tuneful singing and matching the steady beat while listening to a piece of music. Students also enjoyed music stations where they had a chance to play digital keyboards, read some of their favorite Songtale books, practice simple rhythm writing, and discover notes on a staff.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders as well as Montessori students have been playing the ukulele. Ukuleles are smaller and have fewer strings than the guitar, making them perfect for smaller hands. They also cost less than a guitar and are small and easy to carry. Each grade has been working on different skills, including proper ukulele posture, the difference between fingerpicking and strumming, and learning chords.

Be sure to mark your calendar for our winter concert on Thursday, December 12 at 1:00pm. We look forward to sharing our hard work with you. 

The mission of the Helena Public School Music Department is to create meaningful, memorable, and diverse musical experiences in a physically and emotionally safe environment that fosters artistic creativity.