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Parent Council is open to any Central School parent, grandparent, or caregiver who wants to help make a positive impact on the Helena Public Schools.

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Posted on November 7, 2017

Parent Council Meeting

November 14 @ 12:10 PM

Staff Room

Posted on May 6, 2016

Math Advice for Parents from Professor Jo Boaler

Do you remember how excited your children were about maths when they were young? How they were excited by patterns in nature? How they rearranged a set of objects and found, with delight, that they had the same number? Before children start school they often talk about maths with curiosity and wonder, but soon after they start school many children decide that maths is confusing and scary and they are not a “math person”.

-Jo Boaler, Stanford University 

Advice and Strategies for Parents from Professor Jo Boaler

Posted on April 7, 2016

Parent Council Update

Dear Central School Families,

Happy Spring! Here are a few reminders from your friends at Parent Council!

FRIDAY, APRIL 8, TOMORROW! Parent Council will haul everything in the Lost and Found benches to Helena Industries. Please help your child remember to check the Lost and Found for any articles they are missing. Abandoned lunch boxes will be discarded.

TUESDAY, APRIL 12 @ 3:30 Parent Council will meet in the library. Bring the kids and hear about or volunteer for events we’re planning this Spring.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15 is the deadline to order Central gear, including new hats and mugs! Order forms should have gone home in your child’s backpack. Please see the attached order form for all the color and size information and return your order form to your child’s teacher soon! Orders will be available the first week of May. COMING SOON! ONLINE ORDERING!

Central School Order Form

Posted on September 11, 2015

Parent Council Minutes for September

Hello Central Families,

We had a wonderful first meeting and greatly appreciate the enthusiasm showed by the large group of parents in attendance. Thank you! All families are welcome at any time, and you can show support from afar by reading notes and contacting any of the leadership to volunteer for anything that may interest you.  Here is a brief synopsis of the meeting:

Treasurer’s Report

Marie reported that we currently have $3966 in the bank–the low end of our normal range.


The “Share the Love with Central” letter campaign has brought in donations of $250 from Dick Anderson Construction.  Action Print has donated nearly $100 in printing.  Parents will make follow-up calls:  Nannette, Kristin, Christine, Darby, Sally, Kati, and Kim

Restaurant Fundraisers are being coordinated by Amy Heuiser.

Carnival Classic sign-up sheet was passed around.  Christine will send reminder on Friday to all who signed up.  The Heuisers will loan us their shade tent and it will be delivered to Kristin prior to the event.  Marie and LIbby noted that we made most of our money from water sales as we are located near the food.  Those volunteering to bring water added their names to the sign-up sheets.  Kristin can bring coolers and ice.  Pete Brown has assembled the Grand Prize Game.

New Playground Equipment is being explored.  With the help of Warren parent, Stacy Sommer, we are trying to find a way to create a better play space for our students.  This is costly.  Currently, a “Kaboom” grant is underway which will provide $15K toward the purchase of equipments but Central/HSD1 will need to find another $9K to fulfilled the obligation (total spent should be at least $24K, per the grant application).  John Carter as agreed to provide fall material and labor to install if we are able to fit equipment on the school district side of the property line, Amy Teegarten with the parks department has made the same offer if we need to do this work on the City of Helena side of the property line.  These requests all need to be made via Mr. Stilson; we will continue to work together.  Another playground option is to put some adaptive equipment where the former zip line stand.  One idea is this:

Tyler mentioned grant opportunities through St. Paul’s Methodist church, which will certainly be explored, too!

Warren has offered to let us jump into a fundraiser with them. It is a Frozen sing-a-long.  If we choose to sell tickets, we can have half of the sales.  We can also add silent auction items and take 100% of the earnings.  Stacy would do all the flyers/advertising for us.  This event takes place on November 15th, a noon and 4 p.m. showing.

Fall Events

New Benches!

The new lost and found benches will be completed by Friday, September 18th, and delivered to school that afternoon.  Christine and Kristin will deliver benches and would appreciate two more volunteers.

Fall Art Walk is tentatively scheduled for November 5th, as long as it does not coincide with the Montessori “Original Works” fundraiser (the conflict being the production of two quality pieces of art during a short amount of time).  Kristin and Christine will get a letter to faculty to share goals/visions for the event.  The idea is to offer an opportunity for the Central community to gather for the celebration of children’s art which will be displayed in the hallways of the school.  This art will be display/admire only, not for sale.  To raise funds, we will collect art supply raffle baskets and have fine art donated by locals craftspeople. Each Central Student will receive one free raffle ticket.  There will also be light refreshments (warm drink/cookies), possibly provided by Great Harvest or Helena High Culinary Arts class.  Donation requests for raffle items to be confirmed by October 1st. If you have any other ideas or connections, please let us know!:

  • Sally-Joe Crowly, ceramic artist
  • Mary-Her Mom, jewelry
  • Erin-Emily Free Wilson, ceramic artist
  • Becky A-George McCauley
  • Nannette-Cheri Thornton, ceramic/photo
  • Libby-Brad Robinson, ceramic
  • Christine-Sarah Jaegaer, ceramics/Becky of B.Handmade Designs, textile
  • Nadia-Self, knit hat/scarves
  • Darby-Hannah Fischer, ceramic
  • Becky D- A.L. Swanson, wood worker

Parent Council will shop for (thanks, Kati!) and put together the art supply raffle baskets.  This volunteer list will be compiled in October.

To help support teachers with this new event, the following parents have volunteered to teach or assist with the art projects that will be displayed: Sally, Erin, Emily, Kristin, and Becky A.

Movie Night

Movie night will occur quarterly and will begin with a film TBD on October 9th.  Emily, Becky A, and Amy will choose and coordinate.

Bill Harley

This even is currently on hold, but there may be promising news in the near future. The Myrna Loy is looking at ways to be come a liaison and a connection point between local schools.  They would love to see this happen and understand the financial burden to our school.  The tentative date for his appearance is Nov 9th, but that my be renegotiated if things fall into place.  Stay tuned!


Matt and Pete are working on new tshirt designs and production via Qwik Signs.  They hope to have this ready before Thanksgiving to allow for holiday shopping.

Winter Activities

Artist in Residence program connections are underway.  Mr. Chet, percussionist, will be at Central on February 12th to provide a school wide assembly and workshops for our kindergarten and 1st grade students.  The fee is $495/school assembly, $90/classroom workshop.

Montana Shakes! is being explored because it has been a fabulous program for Central kids in the past.  The cost is steep, but we are looking in to connections to help defray the substantial fee.

Muralist ideas are still being explored.

One School, One Book

This program was piloted by staff several years ago and was so enjoyed by the student body that parent council has worked hard to keep it going.  This year’s book selection has not yet been made.  Three titles will go out to teachers via Doodle Poll and we should have a selection soon.  Funding for this has not been completely ironed out yet, but Erin can find us a very reasonable price as soon as we choose.  This program will take place in Feburary.

Next meeting:  Tuesday, October 6th, 3:30, Central Library