Paul Stetzner

Mr. Stetzner is entering his 31st year of teaching.  Prior to teaching Elementary PE Mr. Stetzner spent 20 years teaching high school business at Capital High School.  At CHS, Mr. Stetzner also coached girls basketball, was gym coordinator, and completed the 2012-2013 school year as “Dean of Students” at Capital High.

Mr. Stetzner will be teaching Physical Education at Central School, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will be at Warren School Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  For the 2018-2019 school year, Mr. S will also return to Central for two classes in the afternoon.

Mr. Stetzner graduated from the University of Montana (Western) and obtained his Master’s degree in Technology Education from Lesley University.

Upcoming Events

  • January 3, 2018

    SKI Trip

    sport-graphics-skiing-020331Ski Trip is tentatively set.  Weather pending!

Paul Stetzner's Schedule

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Central School

  • Mondays

    Mrs. Robinson--Mrs. Jenkins - Mrs. Kenney - Mrs. Komac - Ms. Ford - Mrs. Casne Fetz - Mrs. Mitchell

  • Tuesdays

    Mr. Napoletano - Ms. Loraas

  • Wednesday

    Mrs. Robinson - Mrs. Jenkins - Mr. Herzig - Mr. Freistadt - Mr. Smith - Mrs. Komac - Ms. Bogner - Ms. Blixt

  • Thursday

    Mr. Napoltenao - Mrs. Mitchell

  • Friday

    Mrs. Kenney - Mrs. Casne-Fetz - Mr. Herzig - Mr. Freistadt - Mr. Smith - Ms. Ford - Ms. Bogner - Ms. Blixt - Ms. Lorass